Hourigan calls for Mercosur deal to be put on the scrap heap

28 March 2024
  • Government must stand against raw deal for Irish farmers

Labour MEP Candidate in Ireland South Niamh Hourigan has called on Government to step up and protect Irish farmers.

Responding to  Emmanual Macron’s comments on the deal, Hourigan said the deal in its current form stands diametrically opposed to Europe’s climate measures.

Hourigan said:

“We need to see leadership from this Government for Irish farmers. I am calling on Government to stand against the current Mercosur proposal, which has been rightly described by French President Emmanuel Macron as a ‘very bad deal’.

“Irish farmers will suffer particularly because, within Mercosur, it’s proposed that 99,000 tons of South American beef will be imported into Europe.

“The farmers that produce this beef in South America do not have to meet the same standards when it comes to animal welfare, traceability and food safety.

“Even more worrying, Mercosur is an incredibly bad deal for the environment.

“Beef production in South America is responsible for 65% of tropical deforestation. It’s critical that we not only protect biodiversity and climate in Europe, but also that we protect it globally.

“Mercosur stands in complete contradiction and opposition to climate measures currently being taken in the EU. It’s unfair to Irish farmers, and it’s unfair to the global climate.

“We need to see the Irish Government come out with Macron, stand up for Irish farmers and for the planet, and acknowledge that this is a very bad deal. It needs to be scrapped.”

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