Ireland must follow Spain’s lead and recognise Palestinian Statehood

03 April 2024

Labour’s Ireland South Candidate Niamh Hourigan was speaking today following reports that Spain will recognise Palestinian statehood by July.

Niamh Hourigan said:

“We commend the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez for his courageous decision to recognise Palestinian statehood by July. As a leader within the Party of European Socialists, his commitment sets a crucial precedent for European solidarity and sends a powerful message in support of Palestinian self-determination.

“The ongoing conflict in Gaza is a humanitarian crisis and demands real and immediate action from the international community. For the last six months, we’ve witnessed Israel’s unchecked aggression, resulting in the loss of innocent lives, destruction of infrastructure, and continued suffering for the people of Gaza. It’s time for the international community to act decisively and hold Israel accountable for its actions.

“Ireland must now follow Spain’s example and formally recognise Palestinian statehood. Ireland has a moral obligation to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. By doing so, Ireland can contribute to the momentum for change and demonstrate its unwavering commitment to peace and justice in the region.

“We call on Ireland to use its position within the European Union to influence other European leaders to follow Spain’s lead. Together, we can send a clear message of support for Palestinian statehood and urge for an end to the violence and suffering in Gaza. The time for action is now, and Ireland must lead the way in advocating for justice, peace, and dignity for all Palestinians.”

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