Fine Gael should push von der Leyen to call for ceasefire

25 April 2024
  • Seán Kelly speech in EU Parliament pathetic without action

Labour Ireland South candidate Niamh Hourigan has called out Seán Kelly for failing to push for a ceasefire within the EPP.

Hourigan said:

“The bombardment of Gaza is horrific. The failure of the European Union to push for peace, the very value the Union itself was founded for, is unbelievable.

“This week, Seán Kelly MEP had plenty of weasel words of sympathy for the people of Gaza, but he has utterly failed to take action and urge Ursula von der Leyen to demand a ceasefire.

“It seems to me that Fine Gael MEPs are speaking out of both sides of their mouth when it comes to the atrocities and war crimes that are being committed in Gaza.

“Words on Gaza must be matched with action. As the bombing, destruction and killing of civilians continues, there is no time to wait.

“Labour has been steadfast in its call for Government to cease investment and trade in the occupied territories altogether. The scale of destruction witnessed by the people of Gaza is nothing short of horrific.

“Irish people are clear in their condemnation of the destruction of human life in Gaza. It is imperative that our MEPs not only amplify this voice at a European level, but they must also work tirelessly to secure a ceasefire.”

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