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Party Leader address to 72nd Labour Party National Conference

Friends and Comrades; I stand here this evening in Cork to share my vision, a Labour vision, for Ireland’s future. I do so as Leader of a Party that has delivered real change; Change that has transformed people’s lives. Tackled inequalities, made Ireland a better place. But we can do more, we must do more….

Ivana Bacik TD
25 March 2023

Budget 2023 falls short. We need an Ireland that works for all.

As a country, we are unrecognisable from the young, poor and conservative State we were when the tricolour was first raised over Dublin Castle in 1922. We are now richer than we have ever been in our history. More liberal, open, diverse, welcoming and confident as a society than anyone could have imagined even half…

28 September 2022

Speech made by Ivana Bacik upon her election as 14th leader of the Labour Party – Change Can’t Wait

Thank you, Billie. I honestly never thought I’d be introduced as Leader of the Labour Party. Goes to show anything is possible! I am honoured, excited and I confess quite overwhelmed. I am incredibly grateful for the support I have received from Labour members throughout the country during the past three weeks. I know the…

Ivana Bacik TD
24 March 2022

A New Deal for Ireland

Speech by Party Leader Alan Kelly to 71st Labour Party National Conference, the Mansion House, Dublin. Friends, thank you. I might be from Tipperary – obviously the home of hurling, and the Labour party – but I am so proud to speak to you tonight from the historic Round Room in the Mansion House here…

13 November 2021

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