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Certainty needed on Defence Forces pay and conditions if extra investment is to have an impact

With the Cabinet due to approve a long term increase in Defence Forces spending, Labour Party spokesperson on Defence, Senator Mark Wall, said that delivery of better pay and conditions will be essential if ambitious recruitment targets are to be met. Senator Wall said: “To implement key recommendations from the report of the Commission on…

Senator Mark Wall
12 July 2022

Fight for better pay and conditions for PDFORRA members bolstered

Labour defence spokesperson Mark Wall has welcomed the granting of associate status of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to PDFORRA. As a supporter of PDFORRA’s campaign to join with ICTU, Senator Wall said this move will be essential as members of the Defence Forces seek better pay and conditions. Senator Wall said: “Labour has…

Senator Mark Wall
24 May 2022

Delivery of Defence Commission report will determine its success

• Issues with pay, allowances, retention and recruitment must be addressed to deliver on Defence objectives. • Housing accommodation and healthcare key concerns for personnel as part of the overall package of supports. Labour Party spokesperson on Defence, Senator Mark Wall, has welcomed the long awaited report from the Commission on the Defence Forces but…

Senator Mark Wall
09 February 2022

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