New Deal for Care

We believe everyone should have access to healthcare when needed, a universal public childcare scheme, free education for all.

What a New Deal for Care means for Ireland.

A New Deal for Care would mean access to healthcare when you need it, not months and years on a waiting list. Labour would immediately expand capacity by nationalising 2 private hospitals and invest a further €100m in new hospital beds, public nursing homes, and cancer care.

Disability services need an extra €270m to address unmet demand. We would introduce free GP for all children and invest €85m in mental health.

Labour would deliver a universal public childcare system, affordability for parents and fairness for professionals with a living wage for all childcare workers.

We would deliver free education, cut class sizes and tackle disadvantage. We would cut the cost of third level for students, and target payments to reduce child poverty.

Universal Childcare

The Labour Party want to introduce a publicly funded, universal and affordable childcare scheme which would be accessible to all.

National Autism Empowerment Strategy

Labour’s National Autism Empowerment Strategy takes a right-based approach to the inclusion and acceptance of autistic people in Irish life. 

Beat the Ads

The Labour Party want to introduce a blanket ban on all gambling ads.

Bleedin’ Justice

Periods are not a luxury.  The Labour Party believe period products should be available in all schools, educational institutions and public buildings.

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